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For many years scientists believed that brain dimensions remain the same whatsoever. However latest scientific interventions state the opposite. Neuroplasticity, although is at its nascent stage, shows that brain does have an ability to stretch and change as you expose it to various tests.

Here are best brain-boosting games which will train your brain to capture, perceive and recall information at the drop of a hat

1. Revisit Your Childhood By Playing Scrabble

Play scrabble or sudoku to sharpen your brain. It increases your processing speed and attention. It also uses your brain power in a positive manner. You should time yourself during this exercise.

2. Improve Your Strategy By Chess

Playing chess activates multiple areas of your brains, at once. A cognitive brain research in 2003, performed brain imaging on chess players. They came to a conclusion that this game activated various parts in both left and right brain. It increases your attention span, impulse, planning, direction sense and visual-spatial abilities.

3. Solve Jigsaw Puzzles For Enhancing Your Creative Abilities

Jigsaw puzzles are not just for children. They offer a healthy dose of mental aerobics for older people as well. They mainly awaken the left side of your brain. Left brain is primarily responsible for linear thinking, hand-eye thinking, and observational abilities. Jigsaw puzzles also improve hand-eye coordination and strengthen connections in your memory centers.

4. Tetris For Understanding Of Shape And Form

Brain imaging shows that playing Tetris can strengthen your cortex and a thick cortex means better memory and cognition. Continuously manipulating numerous shapes develops a sense of space and as it is a time-bound game, it reduces your reaction time.

5. Rubik’s Slide For Increasing Balance Between Creativity And Rationality

This is an electronic variation of the 80s favorite Rubik’s cube. It increases your mental reflexes and increases coordination between left and right brain thereby promoting creative as well as logical aspects in an individual. This game contains more than 10,000 puzzles and a great variety of challenging settings.

You Can Also Try Other Methods Such As

Can Increase Brain Power With Yoga

  • Brain yoga is a scientifically-backed method which energizes your brain and enhances its sharpness and clarity. It increases your intellectual capacity and sharpens both memory and concentration. This yoga is essentially an acupressure for your brain and balances both hemispheres of your brain. This activity strengthens the neural connections.

  • Include some best food to boost your memory such as foods rich in omega 3, foods which increase the blood flow, to maximise the benefits.

Go For Brain Boosters

Brain boosters work on the same mechanism , that is, they increase the flow of blood in your brain. Healthy Natural brain boosters like IntelXR these days are in popular demand.

Brain Booster Tea

Herbal teas have a lot of health benefits. Teas like green tea, ginger root tea help in preventing cognitive impairment.

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